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Thread: Suggestion for Woodworking Projects Threads

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    Suggestion for Woodworking Projects Threads

    A community member has suggested that it would be very useful if the project threads in this forum started out with a picture of the finished work before delving into other details and the idea does have merit when it is possible to accomodate. It's easy to see the value in that suggestion, especially since this forum area is focused on completed projects and build-threads. Folks who see the end result immediately can decide if they want to dig deeper out of interest and read more, while moving on if they are less interested in the project topic.

    So if you are posting a work-in-progress thread after you have completed your build, please try to "start with the end", as it were, so folks are immediately connected to what your steps will move toward. Of course, that may not be possible if you are documenting things from the very beginning over a longer period of time and the window for a member to edit a post is relatively short by forum policy. In that case, if you "leave room" in your first post so that you don't run up against the forum limit of 8 images hosted at SMC or 15 linked images in a post (including smilies), you can ask a moderator to help you edit that first post once your project is complete to display the end-result if you want to do so. Just put the photo in the last post you make and then request assistance. I'm always happy to help with that.

    This is just a suggestion...and not a requirement.

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