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Thread: Oak edge banding

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    Oak edge banding

    I am in need of advice for selecting and applying edge banding on 1/2" oak plywood that will be shelves for 1/64 scale farm toys. I have never used any of these products before and would like advice for what type of product to use that will be easy to apply and recommendations of suppliers. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I've used the oak edge banding sold by Home Depot with pretty good success. It is pretty easy to install with a hot iron. As you apply it, keep it centered as best you can and iron it down from one end to the other. Once it is securely down on the edge and cool you can use a bastard mill file to trim the edging by filing toward the edge with the file at about a 30 degree angle to the shelf surface. Just remove the excess with this and then sand the edge carefully with sand paper.
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    iron on is my go-to. easy to apply and looks good. I use a sharp chisel to trim it after running around the edge with a trim router. borg carries oak, birch, maple and white. I have not had any quality problems with it from there.

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    +1 on what Adam wrote except I used sandpaper on a hard block after the trim router.


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