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Thread: Locating Dust Collector Outside Shop

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    Locating Dust Collector Outside Shop

    I'm thinking about upgrading my DC and also moving it to outside the shop to save valuable floor space; likely one of the Oneida 3HP systems. The unit would be housed in an enclosure I would build, with adequate venting, and I'm wondering if I could disconnect the fine filter on the unit, and simply vent the fines to the outside world. This would greatly reduce the size of the enclosure....anyone done this?

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    My old 3hp Oneida is outside the shop, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The fine dust just gets blown out with no filter. An added benefit is that the noise is greatly reduced. However, my place is pretty rural on three acres, so there's nobody close by to be offended by the noise or dust.

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    No need for a filter as long as there is enough distance to neighbors for the dust to settle. It will make the shop chilly in winter. Adds a nice air circulation in summer. I assume you do not have AC or heat in your shop given. the climate.

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    Exterior Chip Box - No bags no commercial filters.

    I lived in a housing project with very close neighbors when I built my first chip box. Not one complaint from anyone, in fact nobody knew I exhausted chips and dust to the outside of my shop. I cut a large hole in the end of the box and used baby diapers to trap the dust inside the box. I have a large yard now so my chip box doesn't even have a top on it. The impact on my AC and heat is minimal, much less then you would think.

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    Keep in mind youll vent any heating or cooling you might be doing in the shop as well. And youll probably need to open a door or vent somewhere else to replace the air that gets sucked out.
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