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Thread: Creeker's Weekend Accomplishments

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    Creeker's Weekend Accomplishments

    24 Oct 2016

    Good Morning Everyone,
    Been a very busy week with oncall duty and getting things done around the house. Found out that my culvert under my driveway is caving in and my driveway needs repair, so that's about $2K I didn't plan on spending anytime soon. least I trust the guy that going to fix it if me and fix up my driveway at the same time he replaces my culvert with a new one. No woodworking for me since I finished up the bowling alley project. I needed a rest from that one!!!
    Spent some time with the family and watched a movie with the LOML. It was nice to have some downtime and to experience an oncall weekend that was easy for a change.

    That's it for me, so what did YOU do this past weekend?

    Best of weeks to you all!
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
    Dennis -
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    Finally getting to the end of the dining suite for this job I am on. The chairs and bar stools are in the spray booth. The bar stools come out tomorrow. The chairs need a de-nib and a final coat. They are finished with Mirotone 3220 pre-cat lacquer.
    And after tomorrow it is home for 2 weeks! Cheers
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    New R4512 saw buying experience at Home Depot,first it's bad then it's excellent

    Went to Home Depot on Saturday to buy the Ridgid R4512 saw. Worked with two different associates, both of whom were completely useless, I wanted to make sure the saw was made in 2016, after the trunnion issue was fixed. Left the store completely annoyed with them. I really wanted the saw so I went back early Sunday morning and asked for the manager. It was like I was in a different store, the manager and his assistant were great. They got a fork lift to get the saws down from a high rack, allowed me to open the box and examine the saw, then loaded it into my suv with the fork lift. I tried to use a Harbor Freight 20% coupon but they said no go but I had a 10% HD coupon which I used. I put the saw mostly together yesterday and will finish it today. It does have the three caster configuration, I didn't want that but so far it works great.I think for someone who wants a new saw and only to spend $500 (that's me) this is a great buy. So the lesson I learned was: if you're buying an expensive item at Home Depot ask for the manager, this is actually the second time I've done this at HD and it's worked well both times.
    PS I watched a great you tube video ahead of time on how to put the saw together, really made the build much,much easier, you tube is absolutely am amazing source of information.

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    I took a long weekend so I could continue work on the bathroom renovation...which I did...but also had to deal with a drive back down to Maryland to pick up my vehicle that had a brake issue while I was traveling on business this week as well as assist "the younger" with clipping our horses. But all the green board work is complete in the bathroom and I'm soon to start with the paint work after I fabricate the new counter. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to "woodworking" in my copious free time real soon now...

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    We had an unexpected weekend with no rain during the days, so I spent Saturday painting the trim on my office shed with my wife (while the dog supervised), and yesterday after church I bought some supplies to build the porch roof and stairs, then started installing the siding panels. I got 6 done and am still sore today from all the ladder work.
    IMG_4878.jpg IMG_4879.jpg
    I'm really digging that Tardis blue color!

    I'll be adding some 2x1 cedar to simulate battens and cover the screws, then staining everything that isn't already painted.
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    Continued to clean and organize my garage since moving in to this house about a month and a half ago. I finally got enough space cleared out to move my machines into somewhat of a order. In doing that I put my larger shaper on its mobile base (was removed during the move). I knew I put it off for a reason. Huge pain to do with the engine hoist
    I ended up blocking it up and removing the hoist wheels to get the base under it.

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    My shop space has come quite a long way from the empty space of 2-1/2 years ago. I had quite a few hand tools and portable power tools, but nothing else. This week I finished up a new mortise jig for a 5/8" leg/skirt offset, made a new smaller sled for Cutting joinery and was able to finally use a tenon jig I made for the tablesaw a while ago.

    I finally got a new bandsaw up and running a few weeks ago and had done some playing around with resawing in it, this weekend I clamped a hunk of aspen and a stop and was able to rough cut tenon shoulders on the bandsaw and then fit them using the tenon jig on the tablesaw.

    All of this for a new materials cart that will live at the end of my bench (which still isn't done.....that's next.)

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    I BBQ'ed a nice Try-Tip!

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