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Thread: Discovery Bay Ca.

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    Smile Discovery Bay Ca.

    looking for information and suggestions on woodworking/turning vendors in the Discovery Bay Ca area.
    I have plans to be in the area for Christmas. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You very much.

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    Discover Bay is likely as close to the middle of away from everything as one might imagine. Not sure if there is anything in Stockton. That is way on the other side of the hills from where I used to live in California.

    My suggestion would be to enjoy the great outdoors and bring some binoculars to watch the wild life.

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    Like Jim, I haven't lived in the Bay Area for 10 years. However, I remember a couple of nice lumber yards in Antioch, as well as a couple in the Stockton area. Now, if you are up for a scenic drive up 101, Mt. Storm is in Windsor, CA and is probably one of the finest yards in existence. Good luck

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