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Thread: Project of a lifetime; H.O. Studley Tool Chest

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    Thanks so much for the kind words Allen.


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    IMG_2298.JPGIMG_2300.JPGIn the past year, I've moved into a bigger home and subsequentially a larger shop. Going from a 9x9, half car garage into a 25x25 two car garage has been nothing short of incredible. Up until 3 weeks ago, this piece has been bubble wrapped in my basement, however, its time to get back to work. In that time, I've turned the 1" substitute ivory stock down to 3/8 and sliced about 100, 3/32 inlays then set into the ebony banding that wraps the face of the cabinet. I'm pretty pleased with the progress. Next step is to begin the detailed inlay work on the ebony pieces separating the lower drawers.
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    Thanks for the update, looking forward to seeing your progress and final cabinet!

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    Gorgeous. Looking forward to following your progress.
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    Your work is fantastic! I admire your courage in reproducing an icon like the Studley tool chest – IMHO pretty much the pinnacle of preindustrial woodworker's commitment to their craft.

    The work you've done so far is tremendous. I particularly admire your combination of woodworking and metalworking skills. Creating the hardware elements from scratch is so far out of my frame of reference I really can only see it as sort of magical.

    I eagerly look forward to following the rest of your build. Thanks much for sharing the pictures!

    Best, Mike

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    Wooooow. How's the update? That oilstone box is smashing!

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    A most rewarding project. You clearly had all the tools to put in it before you started, that must have been very difficult to decide. How long did that take?
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    Peter, what an ambitious project but I see you're up to the challenge. Beautiful work! I'll be following this closely.
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    Thanks everyone. i apologize for the lack of updates but the piece is coming along quite well. The MOP and Ivory inlays have been keeping me super busy but I'm pleased with how they're coming out. Last night I was up til 3am finally hinging the halves together. I actually dont have any wall space in my shop to hang the cabinet, therefore, I'm going to build a freestanding stand to get the piece off my bench and have more room to begin the 6 drawers in the bottom. I'm also deciding whether to oil and wax the cabinet now as doing so when the piece is totally finished wont necessarily be realistic given the detailed elements. I will post pics asap.

    William, I started this project having about 90% of the tools on hand. The remainder need to be either purchased or mostly made from scratch. As the carcass nears completion, I've been drawing and planning the inside in greater detail.
    Thanks for the encouragement everyone.


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