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Thread: Re-purposed sign

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    Re-purposed sign

    I made this sign several years ago as part of a trade-show booth, & finally decided to put it up by the road. I have lots of signage on my shop, but none that can easily be seen from the road.
    Corafoam 15 with a steel mounting insert, Para acrylic paints, sandblasted background, V-carved ( by hand) gilded lettering & my "signature" Great Grey Owl, also handcarved. It's mounted on 5" x 6" Eastern White Cedar posts. Still needs some landscaping ..........
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    Man, that's a really nice looking sign!
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    Another classic, T.R.
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    Yeah,nice! I like the contrast between the bold name and the realistic detail of SUNSET INSET, coin a phrase. The "too big to get through that window owl" would never have occurred to me but actually helps the realism. Nice design lesson

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    Thanks guys.
    Mel, one of my favourite things is to have a bird flying out of a scene, like you say "too big for the window". it adds depth. I think I've only ever sold one of those, but they're a great promotional tool. People ask "how much" & then decide that they could like with something close, but not 3D .... and THAT I make $$$$ on ..........

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    Beautiful Sign TR,

    I think the "too big for the window technique" inspires a person's imagination which is why it is so powerful. In your minds eye you can see the entire background even though it is truncated in the sign.

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    Thanks Keith. I've never really given this a lot of thought before, but really it's just adding depth. The owl being much closer to you than even the foreground in the pictorial just doesn't look "wrong" .... it's just perspective, & our minds see this effect as being correct. Conceivably, the owl could have flown through that porthole, but would have appeared much smaller a few seconds earlier, Anyway, as you say, it works & I use it a lot.

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    Absolutely incredible! Can't find words to describe such an amazing piece of work.
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