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Thread: How to Drill a Curved Hole > Finally!

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    How to Drill a Curved Hole > Finally!

    Friends of Tree Cutting,

    It's always a pleasure to have answered those enigmatic questions that so few people have dared to ask. And, thanks to advanced home workshop technology, it's now possible to drill curved holes:

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    Gizmodo UK

    How to Drill a Curved Hole

    By Andrew Liszewski on 12 Sep 2016 at 4:30PM

    Even if your carpentry skills arenít much more than having watched a few episodes of Home Improvement, itís still pretty common knowledge that a drill only works in a straight line. Or does it? Woodshop hacker Izzy Swan created a custom rig that can actually drill a curved hole instead.

    By welding a drill bit onto the end of a flex shaft attached to a curved rig, Swanís unorthodox creation allows a standard power drill to bore holes through wood that curve in any direction he needs. Itís useful for running wires and cables through inside corners of a new home under construction, but also because the idea will also melt your brain a little.

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    Actually, this could have a lot of uses to create channels to route plumbing, wires, and cables and weaken those pesky 6 X 4 posts.

    And, who would doubt that a "woodshop hacker" with the name "Izzy Swan" would not end up with a way to "melt your brain a little".

    Alan Caro

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    I like watching Izzy's channel on YouTube, he's always coming up with wacky drill-powered inventions. That's cool that Gizmodo picked up on him.

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    I picked up a Vermont American bit to drill around corners about 12 years ago when I need to pull some wires through a wall corner in a room remodel. $4.00 on Amazon now. It helps to use a right angle drill to power the bit.
    Bil lD.

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    Izzy Swan does some interesting stuff, much of it useless. This is an example of that.

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    Bad Dog tools sells a Forstner style bit that will turn corners.
    I've not used 'em but seen the demo countless times.
    Here's a video of them in action:

    I've got a set of their "normal" drills for drilling into hard stuff, and I'm quite satisfied with them even if they were a tad expensive.
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