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    Vector Cutting Acrylic...

    When vector cutting acrylic and having the choice of using extruded or cast which one is preferred? I remember reading that one of them cuts better somewhere, but for some reason I can't recall or find where I read such information. I do know that one of them produced better vector cutting results though. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    That's a ton of great information! Thank you so much Mark.


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    Simple answers: cast cuts leaving a more polished edge and stinks less than extruded. Extruded is lower cost with tighter thickness tolerances.
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    I'm not sure I'd say cast cuts better than extruded. I'd honestly say the opposite. I've always gotten a little nicer edge with extruded. That said, I'll always pick cast over extruded because it's way less brittle. Extruded acrylic is painfully brittle at times.
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    Everything's a compromise...

    Cast and extruded acrylic cuts exactly the same as far as the act of cutting goes. The only issues I have is after the fact:

    -keep alky away from cast edges you just cut, or it could look like this:
    --just a note, this was a piece of mirror that was probably 20 years old. Once I started cleaning the masking with alky, it was done!

    Then there's extruded and it's sticky gooey edges. The black ick on the paper towel is what came off just this one 30mm 'hole'.
    Cleaning up 12 x 18" pieces with a dozen gauge holes and another dozen switch holes is a royal, messy pain... but the edges will never craze!

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    This is a lot of great information. Thanks everybody!

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    Extruded has a lot of stresses *manufactured* into it. Crazing and cracking can be a problem
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    I realize the topic of your post is vector cutting but there is an obvious difference when raster engraving. One that is quite important as well. Cast acrylic engraves leaving a frosted surface. If the acrylic is clear the engraved area will be white. With extruded it tends to be transparent.
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