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Thread: Handworks 2017

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    Handworks 2017

    They just announced Handworks 2017:

    This is one of the best hand tool events in the country. I went last year and it was amazing. Already booked a room for next year.

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    I saw it was in Iowa but mentally I thought Idaho. I was really excited I would be able to go..then reality hit me.

    Are there any similar events in the pacific northwest?

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    Not far enough from Chicago
    There is only one Handworks and nothing else comes close.

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    We are supposed to fly to Missouri from Arizona right around that time to visit my wife's family. I wonder if I could hop on a plane and head over for a day during that. Looks awesome.

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    I'll be in the millwright's shop along with Bad Axe, Walke Moore, J Wilding, and others. Hope to see some of you there!

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    I missed it last year, won't miss it this time around. About a 2 hour drive from Ames and look forward to seeing you Steve and hopefully test drive one of your planes.


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    It'll be an 11 hour drive each way for me, but it's well worth it. Here is a photo I took last year:


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    Wow…that looks like quite the event. And no admission charge?

    Don't know if it's in the cards for me, but I would love to make it.

    Any decent/affordable places to stay near the event?

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    I recognize myself in that picture. I"m the guy with the bald spot on the back of his head

    I plan to be there again this spring,


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    I am intrigued. What is so great about it?

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    Every prominent hand tool maker is there, and many expert woodworkers giving demonstrations. Being able to test-drive Ron's planes, and a number of other infills, was worth the trip alone.

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    This event looks to be outstanding! Really looking forward to it.

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    It is lots of fun, but the door prizes you can win are absolutely amazing. And you have a chance to try them all to see how amazing they are. And talk to the guys who designed and made them. There's lots of good conversation, demos, and enthusiasm. Even if you usually buy old tools, you can do that too -- at reasonable prices higher than an MWTCA meet. If you want to see why it might be worth supporting guys who make higher priced tools, come and see. If you are thinking of taking a class in something, you can meet the people who teach, and see how you get along.

    It's hard to believe how much fun it is before you go.

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    Bumping up as we approach the date.
    I will be there (again).
    I just might even bring the well stocked cooler again.

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    Anyone going from central Texas area?

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