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Thread: Looking for advice on a first CNC router

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    A used machine is in the back of my mind may be the best way to go. And Kevin...very sage advice. Thank you both.

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    build your own. Check out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Rasmussen View Post
    Not a chance I would be willing to pay 2,000 bucks for software that doesn't handle 4th axis code in an industry standard manner like Vcarve Pro and presumably Aspire.
    Aspire handles 4th axis (rotary) very well. There are many good programs that do specific tasks better than others and just because I am familiar with one or two of them does not make the others bad.
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    It is a woeful mistake to assume that Vectric software is not capable of very sophisticated high end design projects just because it is low cost and easy to use. That is why they dominate the CNC router software market.

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    I found an interesting article while researching a problem I was repairing on my machine. I think there is a lot of truth to paying too much attention to some details and not enough to the others. I posted a link in case you are interested.

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