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Thread: Those proud of their workshops, please post pics!

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    Man...I wish I had room for a couch in my shop. LOL Seriously, very nice space, Steve!

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    Very nice, huge shops, Steven and Marty.
    Mark McFarlane

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    I'm new to SMC, but have been trolling it for years. I thought I would post a few images of my shop while somewhat clean as an introduction. While not pretty, it has character, the 1000 sq' shop was originally built in 1927 as a maintenance shop for tour buses going into a National Park. It still has two full service pits, but I havenít figured out a way to incorporate those into my wood shop setup. It has lots of natural light which I like. The dust collector is being moved in the very near future into the storage room with the air compressor which will make room for the band saw and reduce the noise. Thank you to the community for all the helpful posts.

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    Is that a Hitachi planer? If so I have it's planer/jointer cousin. A buddy has a pit in his 2 car size garage shop. He uses it for "deep storage".

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    It is a Hitachi, P100F. Deep storage would good be a good option for the pit, will have to think up plans for my access.

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    Really nice! Love Canadian made General equipment.

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    Been a while.

    These are some beautiful workshops.

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    Just about finished with my ultra-budget garage shop and am very happy with how it turned out. The only missing piece is creating a table router with an insert on the main workbench attached to the table saw and some minor trim work. I also need to fill out the shop with more hand tools but that will come with time. I was worried the dust collection system wouldn't be powerful enough to move material up the vertical sections but so far it's managed to pull everything just fine. Originally I had planned on building my own workbenches but the lumber alone using 2x4's and plywood would have cost me more than purchasing the Harbor Freight workbenches with come with a hardwood top, vice, and drawers. You can find them on sale for $100 and modify them to fit your needs..incredible value. Part of the compromise with the wife meant I had to leave enough room to still park one of my cars so technically this is a one car garage workshop. Living in Arizona meant I had to insulate the garage door panels and add a portable air conditioner. It's enough to keep the workshop at ~80 in the dead of summer.


    Harbor Freight workbenches mounted together. I re-purposed the drawers from these two into my mitre station.

    Mitre Station. The fence is a $20 piece of angle Iron from home depot. It's perfectly straight and durable as hell.


    Need to build a cart with wheels for the planer.

    In order to fit my car in the garage I had to mount the planer on a shelf which folds down. I wish I had a better permanent location for it but this is the only location which gave me the in-feed and out-feed distance I needed. I also left an additional 20 foot hose which I can use with electric hand tools or to vacuum the floor.


    The flooring is one of the new polyurethane coatings which are "20 times harder than epoxy". It was expensive and horrible to apply but well worth the investment and seems to live up to the manufacturer's claims. It also makes it incredibly easy to clean (dust mop and leaf blower).
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    Very clean and nice! Now get some saw dust on that floor!

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    I've spent the entire summer cleaning and overhauling my shop. Everything from dedicated 20 amp circuits, air filtration, lighting, and even air conditioning. When I can figure out how to post pics (I don't have options to do so) I will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Costa View Post
    When I can figure out how to post pics (I don't have options to do so) I will.

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    Marko, could you post more pics of the dust collection piping and setup?

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    thanks Larry love the shop and to me it seems "spare' as in roomy less is more, it is inspiring me to be more ruthless in my " throwing out" as i trans form my barn. also love the tagline

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    My humble corner of the garage.

    It all started with a wedding to plan and make stuff for and a coworker who wanted to clear out some unused wood tools. For $80 I got a Wen scroll saw (looked like it was used once), circular saw, belt/disk sander, orbital sander and a few assorted hand tools. Then I remembered my dad has a table saw and a router collecting dust somewhere in the garage. Here we are over a year later with a limited budget and limited space in the corner of the garage. It's not much compared to the workshop you folks have, but I'm proud of what I can do with so little space and tools.


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