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Thread: Australian Timber Oil - substitute for Boiled lindseed Oil?

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    Australian Timber Oil - substitute for Boiled lindseed Oil?

    There's a Craigslist post where someone is selling some deck and siding stain, and one of them is Australian Timber Oil. ATO is listed as containing "long-oil alkyds, tung oil and natural linseed oil". It's a really good deal and I was wondering if this stuff might be good as a substitute for plain boiled linseed oil, even though it dries slower.

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    Give it a go. I came across one mob in the USA that sells sample pots so it is a low cost way to try it. It should be a bit more durable than straight boiled linseed oil. Beats me why they call it Australian though. Cheers

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    i used cabots brand on a recent outdoor table top. we will see how it holds up. I wanted to avoid film finish in direct sun at ~8k feet at loml's parents place.

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