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Thread: Work Sharp 3000 noises

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    Work Sharp 3000 noises

    Good evening everyone. Since this sharpener has been around awhile some of you my be experiencing the problem I had with mine. The noise issue or knocking that some people have had is described by the manufacturer as a possible loose belt. That works for some but it did not work for me. The initial problem was a squeaking noise which turned out to be the bottom oilite bearing was rotating in the lower base. That was a fairly easy fix. The second problem was the thumping which turned out to be the drive and driven pulleys were loose on their respective shafts. Since you cannot by any parts for this machine you are on your own to fix it or by a new one. If anybody is interested in my fix just let me know. It involves setscrews into the pulleys and some additional work. I do not want too take up to much space if no one else has had this issue.

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    Thanks for the info. Mine makes some noises too, after quite a bit of use, both cumulatively, and daily. My primary interest is, of course, that the rotating turntable stays in a nice "flat" plane. Regards.

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