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Thread: wanting metal panels cut out. best way to do it

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    wanting metal panels cut out. best way to do it

    I am currently cutting some panels out of acrylic on a chinese 50w laser. I am wanting to have them cut out of 18-20ga steel, but the prices I have gotten are too high! When using acrylic, the cost is about $10/panel. I have had quotes over $50 for the panel out of steel at 50 pieces. What is my best option? I tried to include a file, but it seems to be to large so i am just including a picture. (it is the panel on the lower right side of picture - approximately 12"x12")
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    A water jet will probably be best for your application as you need to avoid warping and as close as your holes are and as thin as the steel will be heat will be a problem. An industrial laser cutter might be able to do it without warping.

    These machines are expensive and need a lot of power to run so time on them doesn't come cheap.

    When all else fails increase hammer size!
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