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Thread: Which paint fix?

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    Which paint fix?

    I have one dormer on my house, it faces north. All the dormer siding and trim are new ,custom run ,made of KD heart poplar. Siding has ship lap with large bead flanked by large bevels. Installed with boards parallel to the 13/12 roof. Pieces were treated with copper naphthalate including the lower vertical cuts. CN dried for MONTHS before priming and painting on the ground. When the contractor installed the pieces with screws we put a 1/16thplus strip of wood over each stud. House wrap is under those spacers ,and covers all sheathing. He put the second coat of sand colored SW Emerald immediately after install. I was in and out of house as needed. Back outside ,he yelled down " besides putting second coat on all,I put another coat over the beads and screw". He's the painter but I was the only one who new not to apply paint over still wet paint. Now ,some months later the paint is peeling in that 3rd coat area only. SW telephone help said just take off top coat with alcohol and don't recoat. I'm thinking scrape and sand carefully and repaint affected area with one coat not heavily aplied. Would appreciate your guidance. The hardiplank and all other wood trim show no problems.
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    Your plan sounds fine. Get off the bad stuff, and put a good coat on.

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    Poplar is not a particularly good wood for exposure to the weather.
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    I built a house in 1980 with Poplar beveled siding. I remember the year because that's the year we got married. It's still fine. I expect the White Oak on my house, built the same year, will last longer though.

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    I've tested the copper naphthalate with not durable woods like sande UNDERGROUND. It makes a lot of difference. They make it with oil base and some with solvent base. Solvent base is better for stuff that will be painted. The only reason you don't see it used more is it is hazardous and has a lot of rules. Cars do too,but they can advertise. Heart poplar used on vertical surface can last a long time ; and with the CN I don't think there is much better. Fir and hem fir being conifers have the problem of being used heart side out at least half the time ;take a look at GP mouldings or even those that come from custom shops. I won't make it like that or use it like that. But fir is often reccomended without needed caveat and heart side out it is worthless.

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    My paint got fixed this morning. My thanks to to Tom and Lee for replies. East side of dormer was in sun but we were out early and draped a tarp to shade it. Had to suffer through some 'I dont think its my fault baloney'...but ear plugs are cheap. I'm gonna insist on paying something (NOT FULL RATE) for quick conscientious fix, but if he had tried to charge....might have gone to court. Ornery bunch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel Fulks View Post
    Had to suffer through some 'I dont think its my fault baloney'...
    Last time I hired a painter was when he blamed the previous painter for the crappy finish.
    I told him that he was looking at him.

    I don't hire painters. I don't want to go to jail for murder.

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    Mel,tangent alert....

    If interested,dig really deep into masonry history on how we lay bricks in extreme heat.There are lessons there that apply (ha) to paint world.Most homeowners would do best to leave this alone...just sayin.

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    Thanks Brian...but I don't think I can afford the uniform and fuzzy fez. But I've had two forays into brick work. Once when I was a kid I spent a couple of days cleaning old brick; wore out so many gloves and worked so cheap ....I lost money. The other was in mid 1970s when I owned a 1939 brick cape cod made of beautiful over sized maroon red brick. The chimney mortar had deteriated for several feet down. Hired a local legend brick layer to fix it. After working a full day on his regular job he arrived at dusk. He had giant lights with clamps and all kinds of special stuff as he did a lot of side work. He had the site lit up like a circus and had a good crowd watching. My job was mixing the mortar and carrying
    it up in 5 gallon bucket. Had a hard time keeping up and he was barking like I was his apprentice. I'm done with learning that trade!

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