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Thread: Spiral bit and straight bit: redundant?

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    I agree that proper installation and tightening are very important, but forcing the bit will still vibrate the bit out of the collet sometimes.
    Imo, no it won't. Not if the collet is tightened properly.
    I've seen spiral bits on cnc machines take cut's far heavier than you'd ever consider by hand, and the bit's don't come out.


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    And with the advantage (CNC) of large/long diameter shanks (5/8, 3/4+), sophisticated collets and flats ground into the shanks, the likelihood of a depth change is remote.
    But, alas, 110 vac ($150) routers are never going to offer that kind of security.
    Face it, hand routers, altho quite capable tools, are still in the dark ages when compared to CNC tools whether for metal, composites or ordinary wood.
    Bottom line: Moderation, no heroics.

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    Pat has given you good advice.
    Spiral bits are full of surprises: they are MUCH more likely to slip out of the collet, they are more likely to plunge like a screw on a driver too deep than wanted, they tend to break more easily because of these, etc. They often cut better too. But if was going to start I'd certainly get my feet wet with straight bits and then very cautiously start using spiral ones.
    IMO the most important thing to remember with spiral bits is: take very shallow cuts and make sure you are in control of the router (or the piece if you are using the table).

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