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Thread: assembling saw-stop with sliding attachment

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    assembling saw-stop with sliding attachment

    We just purchased a PCS Saw-stop with the sliding table attachment. With three sets of instructions and a bunch of boxes of parts I'm wondering if anyone can share person wisdom gained from assembling one?

    Any tips or tricks, things to avoid etc?

    Thank you, Neil

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    I can't speak to the sliding attachment but, the instructions for the saw are so good that simply following them carefully assures success. I wish all things came with such good documentation. Have no fear, start at the beginning and don't skips steps or make up "your own way" and you'll be fine.
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    According to the video that Saw Stop showed you can mount the slider for a full 48" cross cut or mount it even with the front of the saw so it won't be sticking out in your way. And that would reduce your cross cut to I think 36" or close.


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    Take your time and follow the directions. Mine came out perfect and I had never put one together before. Make sure you have means/tools to get the wings perfectly level with the table and the table top perfectly square with the blade. The directions cover both of those things wonderfully. FWIW I have actually seen a couple people in YouTube videos install the sliding attachment with the left wing still attached too. Thought that was interesting and liked the idea of not losing that space on the left side of the blade.
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    I'd love to leave the left wing in place but I think it might be too tight for our space. Instructions show both ways. My concern is one set of instructions for the saw one for the fence and one for the slider.

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    Neil, don't worry - Sawstop has best instruction. Just follow the steps and you will be with the new SS very soon.

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