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Thread: DyeSub : Digicoat on Clear or Etched Glass

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    Question DyeSub : Digicoat on Clear or Etched Glass


    I just wanted to see if anyone on the forums has tried to use "Digicoat" to treat a Clear or Etched Glass Surface for Dye Sub Prep?

    You really don't see much about it. I have seen some people say it works on glass, but shows streaks and defects.

    I haven't seen anyone say they use it on an etched surface.

    I want to do Dye Sub because it is one of the few ways I have seen that might be a way to professionally decorate brosilicate glass.

    I would love to know and see anything you all have done with glass. I got the glass etching thing down, but now I want something with some color.

    The biggest problem is that I CAN'T use paint on the back side of the glass.

    I see that Digicoat is out there. Are there other better coatings out there? They have to make those blanks somehow.


    Here is the product I seen.
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    I purchased the coating but never used it.... It requires a oven to post bake it on...

    Just a thought... With Sublimation you normally need a white item as you have CMYK with no white. So doing clear glasses you are limited on colors as the white is missing.

    Yes, you might luck upon a logo or art that may infact work... Glass Cutting Boards are an example where they do have a slight coating of white...

    I would research UV Cure Printers for this project. You will find a few users here and some likely will have a rotary.

    And speaking of the Glasses, it normally takes 400 degrees F. to do the transfer either in a oven with a wrap or a press.

    Just looked up the glass and it is similar to a cutting board in some ways. Not sure if the UV Cure would take the heat depending on the product.. Looking at pictures or images of the glass you see what likely is silk screening to mark levels and numbers.

    Thinking outside the box... A sand blast mask, then laser engraved with the image then sand blasted might give you something... I do know some have done names and logos on Pyrex type baking dishes with a laser but I have heard that some items cracked from heat stress after the fact...

    Also think of Chemical etch like the kits that put your VIN number on a car window with a film and a acid etch...

    Run this idea by the folks at Conde dot com as they think outside the box. Find out how they do clear coffee mugs....

    Good Luck,


    Did find this interesting link on how to print on the glass...
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