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Thread: Rabbit Laser QX-60-9060

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    Rabbit Laser QX-60-9060

    I'm about to purchase the QX-60-9060 from Rabbit Laser. Thought I would ask if anyone has any comments/information (good or bad) about this machine?

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    No experience with their lasers, but their owner has a good reputation on the forums.

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    Yes, the comments on this site are what directed me towards their company. Thanks

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    You might consider Laser cut vs Laser works (rdworks). I would rather have a system with laser works vs the controller they use that uses Laser cut. Not a deal killer by any means, but that would be my preference.

    As far as the machine goes, the rabbit Lasers themselves have a good reputation. Dave, who I highly respect, gives the the maker (Jinan King Rabbit) high marks.
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    At the end of this month I will have had my machine for one year. The build quality is very good and the set up and training were a huge value to me since I had no past laser experience. I would highly recommend the machine and company selling it. Take good notes during your training, like any new equipment there is a learning curve.
    Enjoy, Scott
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    Totally agree with Scott Marquez. My machine from Rabbit is still doing insane cuts - using full bed size and no sign of overuse. I have been running it hard since February. Every day. Big plus from having Ray Scott set me up on-site.
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    Thanks everyone for your comments and information.

    I'd did schedule a installation/setup/training with Ray, so I'm glad to hear that was a good decision also.

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