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Thread: Decent shoulder plane for the money?

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    Same here as Archie ^.

    I like the lateral adjusting screws on the LV. It also feels good in my hands.

    The LN is a heavier, stouter plane IMO but I have issues sometimes on lateral blade protrusion adjustment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Engel View Post
    The LN is a heavier, stouter plane IMO but I have issues sometimes on lateral blade protrusion adjustment.
    Simple trick that those who have not tried it will condemn, but it seems to work for me and others.

    If you want to flush the blade with the left side of the plane, lay the plane, left side down, on your bench or a good flat piece of hardwood and press down. Pick up plane and start using. If it is used against the right side of the plane, do as above with the right side of the plane on the bench or hardwood.

    It doesn't get much simpler than this. If you want more blade projection out the side of the plane, use a piece of paper and press the blade into the paper. If more is wanted, make a hole in the paper or use two pieces with one on either side of the blade.

    My immediate thought is to throw in a YMMV!!!.jpg

    Chances are it won't.

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    The LV large shoulder is one of my favourite tools. I have the original blade, edge keeps very well indeed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Monson View Post
    Ok so I'm leaning toward a LN, is the PM-V11 blade material worth the extra $10?

    Yes. I have the medium & -v11 blade. Sharpens easily, and stays sharp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Thornock View Post
    The Veritas ones look very nice. However, the only shoulder plane I have is an infill that I built. It has a 1" wide iron and gets used for tons of stuff. If I had to pick one of the current sizes, 3/4" would probably be where I would go. Then again, I will likely never buy a commercial shoulder plane.
    Pictures please

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Barney Markunas View Post
    I've been very happy with the large shoulder plane that I got from the good folks at Lee Valley.

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    I have sharpened this about twice..once when I bought it, and later about a year ago....still going great.....

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