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Thread: dust collection pre-separator setup

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    dust collection pre-separator setup

    So I'm setting up the preseparator for my dust collector. In the picture, the center opening is straight, while the perimeter opening has an elbow inside the can. Should I direct my inflow to the center (straight) or into the elbow for maximum chip separation?



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    Outer elbow. This will allow centrifugal force to keep the dust particles on the side of the drum while the center pipe sucks clean air.


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    Thanks, Mikail.

  4. Check out this site, all you want to know about Thien style separators. They work great, love mine.

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    My experience is they work well to separate chips but don't do a lot to separate dust which clogs filters. Cyclones do better with the fine dust. But they cost more in dollars and space too.

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    Google "Another Vote for Phil Thiens Baffle" to see the first "Top Hat" design. Pictures show results of using it.

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