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Thread: Proportions and Kitchen cabinets

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    Very nice Jack.

    Those cabinets are very similar to what I'm making right now. Can you tell me what hinges you used for those cabinets? Are they the Blum hinges that attach to the back of the face frame with the adapter?

    Also, I noticed on the one pantry unit you have two doors. I just put my door together over the weekend (similar in size to the one pictured) and I noticed this morning that the door now has a little twist in it. How do you combat this?

    The door is roughly 18" wide (narrow pantry), 56" tall. 3/4 Cherry stock, 1/4" Cherry panel. Whiteside Rail & Stile bits for the joints. Before I glued up, all the stock looked straight and sqaure. Trying to use only straight grain stock for door frames.

    Any suggestions?

    Lastly, do you have experience with Blum Tandem slides???

    Thanks and very nice work in those pics.


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    Originally posted by jack duren
    i try to work with other things going on in the kitchen. these all use 2" for the doors and the frames are 2" as well. notice the oven cabinet and pantry have the same size doors on the top half. normally in the shop the pantry doors are 56 on full inset. these cabinets are 96" tall....jack
    Nice looking cabinets Jack

    Eagle River Alaska

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    the hinges i started using are "SALICE". alittle cheaper than blum or grass but i like em. they just recently came out with a full inset plate for there hinges. im not familiar with the tandems. not my cup of tea. i try to mix cabinetry and furniture and tandems didnt fit into the equation. but i do have a fancy fer dovetailed drawers.

    full inset doors are a pain. after assembly put the worst of the stiles to the hinge side.(if one side is straight and one side slightly bowed, bowed side gets hinged).....jack
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