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Thread: Micro M3D printer - now just $349!

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    Micro M3D printer - now just $349!

    I believe it's a limited time offer though.

    Still - - amazing price for a 3D printer!
    I'm really trying hard - really hard - to justify buying one...but I just can't.

    I never thought I'd live to see something like this @ a price nearly anyone can afford.
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    Go ahead Rich. As a landlord you absolutely need one to print new hardware for the kitchen cabimets.

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    Weird that they’re claiming to be in stock when a number of Kickstarter backers claim not to have received units:

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    It looks interesting, but I think there are several other larger 3d printers in the $500-600 range and the prices are dropping. The M3D folks look like they are trying to lock you in with the threat that prices will be going up soon. Seems like a high pressure sales pitch. $350 for a printer that only has a 4.6" print area seems a bit limiting. I think I will wait.


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