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Thread: Sharpening technique for chip carving knives

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    Sharpening technique for chip carving knives

    I have a problem getting a straight edge on my chip carving knife (Wayne Barton style). I think I must be turning my wrist at the end of the pull stroke across the stone. Does anyone have a technique to 1) sraighten out the cutting edge, and 2) how to sharpen the blade to a straight edge in the future? Without a perfectly straight edge, chip cuts do not meet perfectly in the bottom corner of the cuts, leaving a ragged looking chip. I would appreciate any suggestions from experienced chip carvers.

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    Not a experienced chip carve but if the the edge is real bad it may be easier to square it buy grinding it flat and then re-beveling the blade.

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    I read a good post the other day. It said to get you knife at the right angle then lock your wrist and arm, then move the stone not the knife????????? . . . JoeB

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    A little late here but try changing the angle of your stone and knife. Rather than on an angle try drawing the knife directly toward you. It should be easier to lock your hand and wrist in a consistent back and forth across the stone. As mentioned above you may need to start by grinding a flat edge and work from there.


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