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Thread: Glowforge release

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    Well he does admit to possibly moving the head with power on, that would screw with the positioning on a non-encoder system.
    As for "waiting for the program to finish loading", why is the print button active before its is completely ready to print - that is just a dumb bit of design that is asking for trouble.
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    My Gravograph LS900, from the moment the screen shows it's loading data (via parallel port), I can start lasering. Actually, all of my Gravo/New Hermes equipment will run before the job data is fully uploaded.

    My Triumph and GCC won't show a new job until it's fully loaded up.

    All depends on the maker I suppose, and it seems the GF lets you run while uploading. Even though the machine instruction data is digital, it's loaded and used analogously, shouldn't be a problem. It's not with my machines...
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