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Thread: Glowforge release

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Shepherd View Post
    Sorry, you're right. I shouldn't have exaggerated down. The last one I saw was about 1" off. Posted in their own support section. My bad. 1". I'll try to be more accurate about how far off they are in the future. But I understand that accuracy isn't anything important to worry about.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Shepherd View Post
    But I understand that accuracy isn't anything important to worry about.
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    And that proves no one else has issues? That’s a ridiculous post. I guess I’m supposed to go post 50 photos of people with problems now?

    I guess no one is having problems with them. They should probably shut down the problems and support area of their forum.

    Go back through every post I’ve posted on the GF and show me where I said it was impossible for anyone to make anything with it. I’ll save you the trouble, I’ve never said that. But thanks for trying.
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