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Thread: Small sail and row build in NC

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    Small sail and row build in NC

    Hi everyone. I will be building a boat for my next project and was wondering if there are any other boat builders on the forum in or near NC.

    I've pretty much narrowed down the project to be built from plans by Chesapeake Light Craft (CLC). I will be building their Northeaster Dory. It is a 17 foot sail or row. I plan on starting shortly after the new year and hope to have her capable of being rowed by late Spring with the intent of having her ready to sail before the end of summer.

    Other than a simple pirogue I built about 15 years ago, this will be my first boat build.

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    I adore the Northeaster Dory, how have things gone with this? Have you started or completed the build?
    Trevor Walsh

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    Weldon hasn't been on in over a year and his post was his one and only. There's a few boat builders on here and plenty of good, solid information available.
    CLC does nice work and their designs are proven. That said, there's a lot of Dory designs available, just depends on your particular interest, capabilities and funds available. John Gardner's "The Dory Book" is a treasure, well worth the purchase IMO.
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    I'm guilty of not following up in project threads too, but darn, I was really excited to hear about this one.
    Trevor Walsh

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