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Thread: Wood Storage - Is Stickering Necessary?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Bainton View Post
    I'm eager to get started on my split sawbench project so I can graduate from my wobbly table. But I'm concerned that I don't know about caring for lumber in my garage.

    My 2x6s that I've had in the garage for 2 months have been on edge on the concrete. I don't have a lumber rack or really any space for one yet. Are the 2x6s sucking up moisture and now unsuited to be worked?

    Also, I've got a bunch of old barn wood that was donated to me. It was in a climate controlled workshop for 20 years. Do I need to sticker these planks as I stack them in my garage, or just stack bare faces together? Do I need to put plastic under the pile?

    1. Are my 2x6s ruined until elevated for a time being?
    2. What would you recommend someone with limited space and no lumber rack do with old lumber?


    - Matt
    Matt, as others have suggested your 2 x 6's may have picked up some moisture through the slab. It would be best to stack and sticker them so that they can dry back down.

    Re the old barn wood, industry standard practices are that green lumber is stickered and dry lumber is flat stacked. You do not need to sticker the old barn wood.

    Ditto the comments about putting down a vapor barrier underneath your dry lumber when you flat stack it.


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    Here is an update to the wood storage:

    Instagram Image

    I have now started to try to sort a few boards for my first project, and I can tell you it certainly is not very usable in a big stack like this. Most of the wide boards I'm looking at are somewhere in the middle. Someday I might have a shop with vertical storage room, but for now I've got this to deal with.

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