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Thread: Can I introduce myself?

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    Red face Can I introduce myself?

    I happened to find Sawmill Creek by accident while looking for some Corel Draw help with my Trotec laser. I only joined a few days ago, and wanted to introduce myself and ask if there are any tips or must knows about posting I should know (other than the must read).

    I decided on a whim to try woodworking a few years after high school and now have my Red Seal in Cabinetmaking. I started my own woodworking and laser engraving company when my maternity leave ended over 3 years ago. My Trotec is a new addition to the family but I am already loving all the ways I can create with it.

    Thank you for allowing me to join your fantastic group, I look forward to getting extra help from (or offering it to) like minded people.
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    Welcome to the forum Jenni! Glad you found us. I love your avatar, that's excellent!

    Make yourself at home. Congratulations on the Trotec purchase. There are a lot of Trotec users and many CorelDraw masters over in the laser section, so ask away and I'm sure you'll get plenty of friendly help.
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    Hello Jenni...!!! Welcome to "The Creek" and I hope that you find that the "waters" here are fine and welcoming. Learn all you can from those already here and share what you know with others here that are looking for that info to help them along the way.

    Welcome and G'day to ya.!!!
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
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    Welcome Jenni !!
    I have only been an active member for a few months, but have been given a lot of great advise as put together my first wood working shop.
    I also enjoy sharing advise with others if I feel it will be helpful.
    Steve Kinnaird
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    Welcome Jenni. We're glad to have you join us! As you already noted, this is a great place to hang out. We have a good mix of amateurs, advanced amateurs and pros like yourself. I look forward to hearing your opinions and advice, and with luck, seeing some of your work too!

    "Talk" with you soon.
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    Wotcher & welcome Jenni
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Another great forum is EngravingEtc that I visit daily like here.

    Here it is a Sunday and you have a bunch of Welcome Reply's.

    When you get stuck on a weekend in Corel or a Laser Question you are likely to find a quick answer here and on EE by just asking.

    Welcome Neighbor to the North.

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    Welcome to the Creek, Jenni! You will find lots of help, advice and opinions here - have fun reading the previous threads, they will tell you more than you can imagine! This is a great forum full of good people
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    Welcome Jenni!

    What kinds of things have you found to do with the new Trotec?
    Anything you have your eyes set on for skills or products?

    This is a terrific group in so very many ways. Hope you enjoy!!!!

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    Welcome and congratulations on your Trotec purchase.

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    Welcome.. its a wonderful community here, very helpful and honest, I've been helped allot with my purchase decisions and feel like part of the family already..

  12. Welcome Jenni,

    Lots of friendly people on here who will be happy to answer all your questions.

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    Thanks everyone! I received my first large commercial order and am now working frantically to get it all done lol
    Krellerís Creations
    Owner/Journeyman Cabinetmaker
    Albert, Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenni Kreller View Post
    Thanks everyone! I received my first large commercial order and am now working frantically to get it all done lol
    And those days are what separates the boys from the.... er, girls from the women!

    Feast or famine, and nothing in between.
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    If you get a chance and have permission please post some pics of the work
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