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Thread: New CNC almost here, general ??

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    New CNC almost here, general ??

    Shopsabre RC4 will be here soon. Wanted to get things ready and I have a few questions that will help me get started.
    I have read most all the threads about this but i would like to have info specific to the router i will have.

    I will have a 3 1/4 HP PC Router. Knowing that i will have to fine tune things as far as feed and speeds, and bits, etc,
    Would any of you with the same or comparable router tell me the bits, materials, feeds and speeds you are using. This would be a big help in giving me a place to start.
    Materials i will be cutting for sure are,
    3/4" solid woods, hard and soft, (profile and pocket)
    ply/mdf/particle board of different thickness,
    whatever i find.
    Appreciate any help.
    Chad Fitzgerald
    Hickory Grove Cabinetry
    Custom Woodworking/Laser Engraving
    Laser Pro Spirit 40W
    ShopSabre RC4 CNC
    55x49 cut area
    with 3 1/4 PC Router, 10" Z

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    Chad, here is some info that I ran across on line when I bought my cnc. It is not relevant to any individual router hp, but a good starting point.
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    I think the chart Bruce posted is an excellent starting place. As you get more into using the machine, you will get interested in chip loads, and other more technical items. At THAT time, Onsrud has some EXCELLENT resources. But what Bruce posted will certainly be more than enough to get you making sawdust immediately.

    Have fun.
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    If using router bits, start to run them like you were hand routing. Most smaller router bits (sub 1.5") are designed for 24000rpm.
    Make your router work
    Listen to your machine.

    CMT Laser 3 flute 60degree V Bit - Buy one in 1/2" shank. Amazing V bit. Big money maker bit for me.

    Start out at 24000 rpm, 60ipm, and .125" DOC and go up from there - in all materials you listed. Listen to your machine.

    For 1/4" Profile and pockets use a RD4700 or RU4700 1/2" shank 1/4" spiral Whiteside bits. You can buy 1/2" bits as well but definitely get the two listed. again I use standards like hand routing - 1/2 the diameter of the bit DOC and speeds like I would run on a router.

    I use Brian at Holbren for Whiteside and he gives a woodnet10 discount - sales at holbren dot com.

    Id get yourself a keyhole bit to if you plan to make signs.

    Get your dust collector line ran overhead now before the machine arrives.
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