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Thread: Ain't been around much this summer, Doing lots of glass

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    Bill, your work is incredible, well done.
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    Thanks again folks. And Ken I don't have a rotator because when I started this I couldn't afford one so I learned to work around it, and now I don't really need one. I can etch 60-70% of a glass cylinder without problems, and 60% of a beermug is a little over 2" wide and when measured over the curve its even wider. I have a photo on a beer mug posted here someplace. I can't repost it using my tablet though. If I had bought a rotator, I'd have found a use for it, but in reality, I probably would have really needed it 2 or 3 times in the last 10 years. Not worth shelling out 2+Gs.
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    Superior work as ever, Bill. Experience shows and you have the Master's touch!
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