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Thread: Kreg's new pocket hole jig

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    Kreg's new pocket hole jig

    I had a repair of a big oak sewing table the other day, the drawers were put together with wood blocks in the corners and they did not hold (I did not build it). Looking at this with 1/2" sides and back and 3/4"drawer face to work with, I decided to try out my brand new Kreg pocket hole jig (the new model,K3) as I did not want to totally rebuild the drawers.
    First, Kreg does not recomend using pocket holes with 1/2" stock, I guess because there is not much for the screw to sink in to, but they still give settings for this size. I was not worried because this job did not have to be perfect, so away we go.
    The jig was pretty simple, even for a newbie to pocket holes. A variety of screws were included with the kit.
    Because the wood was cupped somewhat (this piece of furniture had multiple structural issues) I glued and clamped in addition to the pocket hole screws. (understand these drawers are 4 ft. wide) In the end I managed to get the drawer pretty straight and true, and it is 100 times more solid than it was on its best day.
    The jig has a very simple yet excellent dust collection system that really impressed me, as I cut pocket holes with and without. With the dust collection hooked up I didn't get one chip.
    I had the earlier model, and this new one is about 25-30 bucks more, but with front clamping and dust collection it is one slick unit.
    Like I said this is my first use of it but so far I am very impressed.


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    I didn't realize that Kreg didn't recommend pocket holes in 1/2 inch material. Funny that they provide the settings to do this as you say and in addition a whole line of screws for 1/2 inch use. Interesting.


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    CYA if they don't hold in 1/2" they don't have to care
    Jeff Sudmeier

    "It's not the quality of the tool being used, it's the skills of the craftsman using the tool that really matter. Unfortunately, I don't have high quality in either"

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