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Thread: reommendations for Laser engraving software

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    reommendations for Laser engraving software

    I have Engravelab V9.. that I bought with my laser (60w Boss 1416). It turns out i'm having an issue / issues that Boss Laser can't help me with and I refuse to dump $75 or $200 a year into support from CadLink. Boss Laser now uses LaserWorks and all their new lasers support that software.. Lucky me I got the laser a month before they switched there machines over, sweet huh...anyway, Does anyone have any recommendations for decent engraving program that doesn't break the bank? I design everything in CorelDrawX4 or Photoshop, so I really don't need anything that has a bunch of fancy design features.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Your questions asks for a "decent engraving program that doesn't break the bank?" .. that is really dependent on what you engrave and how you want to produce your design files. I like to use a combination of 2-D CAD programs, MS Paint, and Corel.

    I used to promote AutoCAD .. but there are plenty of free CAD programs available too. I recently started using Draftsight from Dassault Systems. The interface is very similar to AutoCAD. it takes all the Autodesk commands. It does NOT do 3D solids. Most all projects for working with lasers are 2-D.

    Some other options are DesignCAD or ProgeCAD Smart

    I like to use Corel X4. Any of the newer versions work great also.. Just don't fall for trying to use an older version of Corel because "you got it for free".

    Adobe Photoshop is a great working tool for artwork design. The price has always rubbed me the wrong way.

    MS Paint.. Well.. It is a simple fix to some otherwise over-complex problems.

    GIMP might also be a solution for your raster design problems.. and it is free.

    I would like to hear other people's suggestions for easy and low-cost software.

    Thank You,
    Ray Scott
    Owner/Engineer at Rabbit Laser USA

    Advice... Never use your tongue as a multimeter.

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