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Thread: Short Product Review: Gorilla Rack Shelving

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    Short Product Review: Gorilla Rack Shelving

    With my lumber aquisition, I needed more space to store shorts and quick. We stopped at Sams Club and picked up a Gorilla Rack shelving unit for $59.99. This is a shelving unit similar in concept to the warehouse rack systems used at Sams/Lowes/etc., but on a smaller scale. It assembles with a rubber mallet. Dimensions are 48"Wx18"Dx85"H with 6 shelves. According to the packaging it will support 700lb per shelf. Assembly was very simple and required only a rubber mallet and a helper to line things up at first. It is VERY stable and very sturdy. The only questionalble aspect is that the shelves themselves are 3/8" particle board. They could easily be replaced with thicker particle board, plywood, or OSB if you needed more strength. I positioned it about 4" out from the wall, and with some overhang in the back and front, I can easily put 24"-30" long pieces on there. With all the stock in front of me, I think I'll have a much easier time finding material.

    Link: 2461

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    I have some of those myself. They're pretty nice. Really easy to assemble and they're a lot sturdier than the picture implies.

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    My brother has about 30 of those same units from Sam's.
    Nice shelving, but the 3/8 particle board is sagging.

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    I have six full units in my shop and three half size units. I like them fine. I especially like how you can adjust the shelves as needs evolve. You do have to watch the particleboard. In a moist environment (where the humidity sometimes exceeds 70%) the p-board will collect mildew. As I generate sufficient ply scrap (1/2 or 5/8) I am gradually replacing the PB.

    The little plastic corner protectors have a way of not staying put. A little drop of CA glue is needed.

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    I have two of those units as well. Even managed to get mine on sale at Sam's no less. They were in the process of switching part numbers (for some unknown reason) and had the "old" part numbers marked down. Way down I might add! They're great shelves so far. I've had them for about 6 months in my "high humidity" garage. No problems so far. I do plan on moving everything on the shelves to cabinets in the future. Then I had hoped the shelves could do duty as a lumber rack.
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    I used to have some of those as well. It was amazing what they would hold! I don't know about 700lbs per shelf, but maybe!
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