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Thread: Happy Birthday Wally !!!

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    Cool Happy Birthday Wally !!!

    Want to wish a very Happy 94th Birthday to Wally Dickerman today! Hope you have a great time celebrating and are surrounded by family and friends!

    “You never know what you got til it's gone!”
    Please don’t let that happen!
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    Indeed. Hang in there. Allan

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    Happy birthday,indeed!. I remember well being surprised at the number last year ...I think THAT one was 94. And I still think he would make a terrific Don Quixite.

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    What? Only 94??? Why you're still a spring chicken. OK.. no more wise cracks. Wally, of all the people I have become virtually acquainted with since I inadvertently entered what, for lack of a better term, I have to call the "turning community", you have been one of the ones I have "admired" most.

    My father in law lived to be 96. We all thought he would live to well past 100. That was not to be. But, in the last year of his life, wracked by arthritis pain, weakened by medical interventions and barely able to stand without the aid of a cane or a "walker", you would see him outside, using his precious life energy to drag a hundred feet of garden hose to the next tree in his fruit orchard. He never quit.

    So it would seem with you. While others are looking back at their past accomplishments you seem to be always looking forward to the next one. Of course this is only a "guess" as we have never even met. But I'll bet...

    Anyway, a most happy 94th to you and you loved ones. I can only hope to get close!
    David DeCristoforo

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    George Burns said, "Once you get to 100, you've got it made. Very few people die at that age." Hope your health continues to be good.

    robo hippy

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    happy birthday, Wally

  7. Best wishes for more healthy and productive years, Wally, and happy B'day!
    Remember, in a moments time, everything can change!

    Vision - not just seeing what is, but seeing what can be!

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    Happy 94th Wally. Have a great day.

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    Hope you have a very happy birthday, Wally!
    Sid Matheny
    McMinnville, TN

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    That is great Wally. Hope all goes well and you get to keep doing what you enjoy. I know you are setting goals for me!!

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    Happy birthday!

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    Have a very Happy Birthday, Wally.
    Lori K

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    Happy B-day Wally.

    Keep on keeping on.

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    Yup, 94 and still turning. Nothing very big and nothing very fancy but I'm still playing around with new textures and finishes. Applied gold gilt to the inside of a bowl for the first time.

    Thanks everybody for your comments......

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    I've got a great idea for a logo ,Wally. Picture of a windmill with a piece of wood on a faceplate on the hub. You on the horse Rozinante (meaning " formerly an ordinary horse ") using the sharpened end of the lance to turn a bowl.
    Best Regards, Mel

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