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Thread: "Sticky in process"... Miscellaneous facts about drying lumber

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    About log sealer, no retailer in my area has any for sale, and looking at it online is expensive. Ran across a formula once for a wood preservative, had you take a quart of linseed oil, a piece of parafin wax melted, think it was a cup full, and remainder paint thinner, mixed up to make a gallon. Found if you just melted the parafin, and poured it into the thinner, it stayed liquid. So, does anyone make their own log end sealer this way?

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    Jim, I haven’t but I know that there are a lot of homemade formulas out there. One nice thing about the commercial end sealer from UC Coatings or Bailey’s is that it evaporates off of the lumber during the kiln sterilization schedule. That is beneficial for commercial milling and drying concerns because the lumber does not have to be trimmed before planing.

    You can order a 5 gallon pail from Bailey’s for around $80.00.

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