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Thread: Laser Dark FreeStuff Winner

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    Laser Dark FreeStuff Winner

    The Winner is John W Richards

    John, contact Lee Biddle to arrange for shipping of your prize.

    Lee Biddle has donated the following for a FreeStuff Drawing.
    The winners name will be drawn on July 8th, 2105 at noon.
    You must be a Contributor and post in this thread if you would like your name to be included in this drawing.

    Laser Dark LLC.

    Laser Dark set which includes:
    1 Laser Dark - Dark Brown
    1 Laser Dark - Black
    1 Laser Dark - Finish Coat
    1 12" roll of R-Conform 4075RLA Masking Tape
    A value of $79.95.

    Brief Description of the product:

    Laser Dark is an easy-to-use, semi-transparent coloring spray for enhancing
    the laser-engraved area on most types of wood. The simple two-step process
    enables users to take what would normally be an illegible laser-engraved
    plaque and make it into an easily-readable presentation piece. Simply follow
    the steps in the video or read our How To Use page, and you can learn how to
    save your company money without remaking plaques and wasting valuable time.
    Customers will notice the quality difference in plaques that do not have
    Laser Dark applied as compared to others with it.

    Also included is the best masking tape we could find. It tears and cuts
    easily and has the perfect amount of adhesive. Enough to protect the plaque
    from bleeding between the tape and the plaque and not so much that it's hard
    to remove.

    Contact info:
    Laser Dark LLC
    2425 Seymour Rd, Eau Claire, WI, 54703

    Due to federal shipping regulations, only shipping addresses the in 48
    continental united states are eligible.
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    Always wanted to try out the Laser Dark product.. sign me up!
    Bruce Clumpner
    Brandon Services Laser Engraving
    Academy Commemoratives - Personalized Memorabilia for the U.S. Service Academies
    Irvine, CA
    Epilog 75-watt Helix, 40-watt 18-Mini
    Started with Corel Draw V1 now feeling the pain of CorelDraw x7
    CS4 photoshop
    CS4 illustrator

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    Count me in...

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    Count me in
    Steve Kinnaird
    Florida's Space Coast
    Have built things from wood for years, will finally have a shop setup by Sept. 2015 !! OK, maybe by February LOL

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    It's a great product, comes in handy when the desired burn just doesn't happen. I'm in.
    There are Big Brain people & Small Brain people. I'm one of the Big Brains - with a lot of empty space.- me
    50W Fiber - Raycus/MaxPhotonics - It's a metal eating beast!
    Epilog Fusion M2 50/30 Co2/Fiber - 2015
    Epilog Mini 24 35watt - 2006 (Original Tube)
    Ricoh SG3110DN
    - Liberty Laser LLC

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    Count me in.
    Epilog Legend EX24, Corel X3

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    Thanks for the donation.
    Mike Null

    St. Louis Laser, Inc.

    Trotec Speedy 300, 80 watt
    Woodworking shop CLTT and Laser Sublimation
    Evolis Card Printer
    CorelDraw X5

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    Count me in.
    Trotec Speedy 300 - 60w, with Quatro CSA-626 fume extraction
    Xenetech 1625 x2,
    New Hermes TX pantograph, CG4 cutter grinder
    Brady Globalmark2 label printer,
    Assortment of custom tooling , shears & punches, heat bender.
    Software: Xenetech XOT, Corel X3, Bartender label software

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    Yes count me in to always wanted to try it.
    If the Help and advice you received here was of any VALUE to you PLEASE! Become a Contributor
    Rabbit RL_XX_6040-60 watt Laser engraving/cutting machine
    Lasercut 5.3
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    10" Miter Saw with slide
    10" Table Saw
    8" bench mount 5 speed Drill Press
    Dremel, 3x21 Belt Sander

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    count me in please
    Trotec Speedy 360 80 watt laser
    Custom CNC router 4' x 5'
    GrapthTec FC7000-75 vinyl cutter
    Keiling KL6090S CNC router
    Ricoh SG3100DN sublimation printer

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    I'd like to give it a try.
    Bill Carruthers, Rarotonga, Cook Islands
    Shenhui G350- 60W; + Hengchunyuan 1300x900 100W EFR , CNC router 40x60, Lightburn fan, RDCam , Coreldraw 12, Photograv 3, Scroll saw, and not enough time to play with all of them!

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    If this is like the old political adage of "vote early, vote often", count me in multiple times. ;-) Aside from the jest, thanks Lee. I have also wanted to give it a try.
    VLS4.60 30W

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    add me to the list too please
    Universal v-460 50 watt with rotary
    CorelDraw x6, Photograv 3
    Garage full of wood working tools

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    Count me in.

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    Count me in. Thank you.

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