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    not much but funny

    I haven't turned my lathe on since the flood of the Missouri river several years ago. But I've had a bunch of bowl blanks on pallets sitting in my machine shed for several years, so I decided to rough out some bowls. I had forgotten how to hold a gouge, mount a blank, sharpen, and pretty much every thing else. The only thing I could remember was, I kinda make em round on the band saw. Anyway after along day of fear an frustration I had a few large bowls roughed out. I was tired my shoulders arms and feet all hurt so I went to town to have a beer. After two beers I remembered I hadn't sealed the the bowls with anchorseal, so I knew I had to get home. When the bartender asked if I wanted another one, I replied no thanks, I have to go home and wax my bowls. She said WHAT, and in a louder voice I again said I HAVE TO GO HOME AND WAX MY BOWLS. Which turned every head in the bar towards me. Then I realized what they thought I said. I gave a stuttering quick explanation, and I think the people that know me believed, but those that didn't were still whispering when I left.

    Thanks Mike

    PS:I've forgotten how to attach a picture.
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    That made my day. It almost made coffee shoot out my nose, which would have ruined my day (and my shirt).

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    PLEASE!!!!! No pictures needed. BWAHAHAHA.
    On the other hand, I still have five fingers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike johnston View Post
    PS:I've forgotten how to attach a picture.
    I think this is one thread where we do NOT need pics of your waxed bowls!
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    Now that's a good story...

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    Funny stuff for a Monday. Thanks for sharing.


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    Good laugh to start the week.
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    While I do believe that a man should have the right to wax his bowls in the privacy of his own home it probably isn't the thing to talk about at the corner bar!


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