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Thread: New Craftsman - Ryobi BT3100 Saw

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    New Craftsman - Ryobi BT3100 Saw

    Craftsman has come out with a new and exclusive version of the BT3100 saw. You can see the saw here:

    Besides the new color and the new portable base it also now comes with the Router table mounting. It is not always the most loved saw by some but I have always thought this was a nice saw for a small shop that doesn't need a ton of power or for making small projects. I think the price would be more attractive under $400.00 but for those getting into wood working it would be a nice start. Some guys have been using the original BT's since they came out. I remember not so many years ago this saw was the new machine and talked about in every tool magazine,was the top pick in reviews, and at that time, it cost $650.00!!!

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    I've got a BT3000, about five years old at this point. At the time it was about $400 at HD with the standard square Ryobi sheet-metal base, another $25 for the caster set. (The Sears version at the time had splayed legs that made it look like a miniature contractors saw.) That included the router table, but not the router attachment plate and the other goodies. Awhile back I got their "accessory kit" (~$75 IIRC) which had the rest of the router table hardware, the miter-slot extrusion, and a couple of ZCIs.

    It's an amazing little beast, but it wants TLC and it really doesn't like being confused with a Unisaw.

    I've been fairly happy with mine, but I wouldn't give a nickel for that portable base it has now. It's really happier on a more solid platform: the main complaint I've heard about it is a tendency to fall out of alignment, but I suspect that comes mostly from people that move it around a lot.

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    I've had a BT3000 for years and love it. It's extremely accurate for it's size and price, and really does a fine job. I've had no luck attaching a router to it - the router will many times put so much pressure on wood and push around the fence or table insert. But as a saw it's great. I've got a Grizzly cabinet saw now, but I put my BT3000 on a cart very similar to what Craftsman has and it still gets used quite a bit 'at job sites'.

    I've always liked the saw and never quite understood why people didn't like it. It's not a cabinet saw. It's not even a contractor saw - it's in the 'portable' class. But I think it works as well as any contractor saw I've used.


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    I took a look at the Craftsman and it does look like the BT3100. I had a BT3100 and it was a great saw. At the time I was in my garage. I have a Jet Supersaw that I love but would recommend the Bt to anyone starting out. It is a great teaching saw and you can't beat the sliding table option. I think it is important to have this type of range on the market.

    Makes a good contractor saw for finish carpenters on jobsites also.

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    I also started out with a BT3100. It was a great saw and served me well for about a year. I upgraded to a delta 2hp hybrid I found used.

    I definately recomend one to a beginner, with proper attention to setup and tuning, it's very accurate. And the guys at are very helpfull.

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    I'm a BT3100 owner and have been very happy with it thus far. Same is true for my other Ryobi tools (reciprocating saw, drill, jigsaw). For the type of work I do, as well as my experience level, these do a fine job for me.

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    Count me among the BT users as well

    I have a 3100 and really like it. I have never had it bump out of adjustment.
    While it is wheel mounted,I am careful when moving.
    It is not a saw that takes heavyhanded banging around.
    One has to re-think fixtures and jigs since it does not come standard with a miterslot(available option). But I have found that fixtures can easily be adapted to the Sliding Miter Table and works very well.
    But for the projects I do it serves me well.

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    I Too am a BTer

    I have a BT3000 I mounted it on a long angle iron cart ie heavy and sturdy. have extended rails on it, miter slot table. I have had very good luck wiht this saw but am putting it in my yard sale tomorrow for $350.00. If it goes I will have a Jet Exacta saw with in a couple of weeks. I will wait until the forst of Sept before buying just in case woodcraft, amazon, rockler has a special. Wish I could keep the Bt though, great saw for box making and smaller projects.

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