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Thread: Removing Pine Sap from Car Paint

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    Removing Pine Sap from Car Paint

    I'm sure many know this trick/method but I just discovered it this week.

    We left our car parked under one of the pine trees in the driveway while on vacation. When we got back I noticed the gobs of sap on the hood and started to clean it. Well after trying 2 types of tar/bug remover and mineral spirits I tried denatured alcohol. The sap had hardened from being out in the heat and nothing would work except for the denatured alcohol. Man, it just came right off when I put it on a cotton ball! I found this tip on a detailing forum.

    I put a coat of wax on after washing the hood. The tree will be trimed this weekend.


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    Also heard / read where peanutbutter is excellent for this as well as removing road tar. Haven't tried it personally. I 'spose you wouldn't want to use "chunky style" for this purpose 'tho??!!

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    WD-40 will work to take the sap off and not hurt the paint or clear coat you wil have to wax it again though. I have used WD to get road tar and sap off my cars for a few years and never had a problem.

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    I found that pine sap tends to hold the rusty parts together on my car!
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    Sigh ...

    I can tell you something that's not a good approach for removing pine sap or road tar from the rocker panels of a car. Steel wool soap pads. DAMHIKT. The "helpfulness" of youth ...


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    Any tar remover should work...clay bar, too. And, yes, you'll need to give it a good cleaning and another coat of wax after the cleaning. The tar remover removes wax, too.
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    Just use mineral spirits. It works too.
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    I use my ROS with 80 grit. That gets it off....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Baer
    I use my ROS with 80 grit. That gets it off....
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