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Thread: Close-Up and Personal Look at the NEW Lie-Nielsen Stainless Steel Honing Guide.

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    I worked almost all of this rainy day on a project with many dovetails, and the resultant need for several intermittent sharpening sessions. I have been using the MkII narrow blade head since it became available a couple of weeks ago. I know this product was beta tested. Good thing it wasn't me that did that testing, because I have to report very mixed results. I most likely will return the product. The problem is similar to the broader issue of this guide system not holding work pieces well. I suggest that the powder coating is much to blame for this. I have sharpened many chisels with it. So far, I would say that, ironically, my Lie-Nielsen chisels fit into the clamping system the best. I have two chisel sets that do not hold in the clamping jaws: The modern Stanley Sweetheart bench chisels, and the Irwin (Marples) blue-handled bench chisels. These two brands have similar profiles. The sides are mildly beveled but the bevels intersect flat sides that are rather blunt. On this profile the smooth jaws of the Narrow Blade Holder simply don't gain a secure enough purchase to hold the chisel firmly. The jaws have no texture and are covered with the thick powder-coat finish. I also think they are much too small for the job they are required to do. After a frustrating hour of trying, I pulled out my eclipse clone and re-honed my spent chisel edges. I guess I am at the point where I have to decide if the $48. investment is justifiable for such limited utility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Brady View Post
    I have been using the MkII narrow blade head since it became available a couple of weeks ago. I know this product was beta tested.
    I have to report very mixed results. I most likely will return the product.
    I guess I am at the point where I have to decide if the $48. investment is justifiable for such limited utility.
    Yes indeed. For that price you can get 4 of those Eclipse clones and modify them to exactly what you want.
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    For what it's worth........

    I was in the area visiting family and stopped by Lie Nielsen for a tour. Well worth it, nice people, impressive operation. I asked about the honing guide and they said they were just today (Thursday) sending out emails and taking orders. They didn't have the boxes, or something like that, but would be shipping them out in a week or two. The guides were completed and ready.

    I got to try it out and did like it.

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    What it's worth is... a lot!
    Thanks for the heads up. I just sent an email to Maine--just in case I'm "down the list" in terms of the email notification/sign-up.

    It appears that the tool isn't on the web site yet, so I haven't been able to get a fix on price or options. I imagine it would be convenient if they were to sell bases separately from the jaws. For example, if somebody wanted to have two bases, and four different kinds of jaws. That way one could spend less time changing out jaws without having to buy 'complete sets' and end up with extra 'normal' jaws.

    In addition to accessory jaws, I also hope they sell accessory Jawa's. That way I can stay busy building stuff while the Jawas sharpen the tools. I'd settle for Ewoks. No to "Droids". Their kind *still* aren't allowed here for some reason (Crazy right? In this day and age?!). I guess they'll just have to wait outside.
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    The "standard" honing guide is $125. I'm not sure what that comes with.

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    I did not see this online and did not get an e-mail either. It's a neat looking guide but $125 is just a bit rich for me.

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    I gave it a whirl. Maybe I got caught up in the moment, but I have never been disappointed by any Lie Nielsen product I have purchased. I got 10% off for buying it in the showroom, and they ship it no charge because it wasn't ready quite yet. They said I should have it in a week or two. We will see.

    My sharpening can always use improvement. I doubt this will cure much for me but I should be able to rule out the guide as the culprit. I'm sure I am not the only one on here to throw good money to try and cure bad technique

    It also came at a good time because my "cheater" board for setting angles on my old guide got destroyed. I left it on my spare bench and my kid decided to incorporate it into a hilt for a wooden sword, or I think that is what it if I have to make a new one........
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    Tall Jaws and compatibility:
    The prototype Lie Nielsen 'Tall Jaws' shown below (the ones that you may have seen at various shows) are DIFFERENT than the production jaws. If you're thinking about buying them, you probably should take note. They may NOT be compatible with your chisel.

    PROTOTYPE: 5/8" tall (strong)
    IMG_20150930_001746 (Large).jpg
    PRODUCTION: 1/2" tall (shy)
    IMG_20150908_223823 (Large).jpg

    Note that the production jaws have PLUMB/FLAT side walls, compared to the TAPERED prototype jaws.
    Note that the production jaws are SHORTER when compared to the TALLER prototype jaws.

    These differences mean that the PRODUCTION jaws are NOT able to hold the popular Ray/Ashley Isles mortise chisels as shown below. The prototype jaws were confirmed compatible (confirmed awesome), but I can also confirm that the production jaws are NOT. You may want to check before buying this accessory jaw if you are hoping to use the jaws with a non-Lie-Nielsen mortise chisel.
    IMG_20150321_131318 (Large).jpg

    The advantage to the production design is that they're easier to set honing angles correctly and repeatably. Note the production jaws have flat walls that are square to the guide body. These square walls will hold the chisel consistently every time. On the other hand, the prototype's slight taper DID make the jaws able to grip the slightly tapered body of the popular Isles mortise chisels. The downside to the prototype design is that the "wiggle room" (created by the tapered jaws meeting the tapered chisel) created the possibility of accidental misalignment (i.e. a slight twist) when the clamping forces locked the chisel in place. This design meant that clamping the chisel in place was a slightly more fussy process, and if misaligned, would cause honing headaches.

    If you have the Lie Nielsen sash mortise chisels, the production tall jaws are perfect. They're an improvement over the prototype. If you do not have Lie Nielsen sash mortise chisels, the tall jaws may not work with your mortise chisel, and I can confirm that they do NOT work with the Isles mortise chisels.

    I hope this helps!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Fife View Post
    Tall Jaws and compatibility:

    I hope this helps!
    It certainly does. Thanks for such a timely update. The reviews of the new Veritas narrow guide and the LN jaws seem to reaffirm that there simply is no one single solution or jig out there that can handle all the various types and brands of chisels. The search for a "perfect" jig is still on... (if one does exist, it's the freehand solution may be.)


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    I agree with you. Personally I use two jigs.

    In my case I was EXTREMELY lucky to have Lie Nielsen find and send me one of their TALL, TAPERED PROTOTYPE tall jaw sets. I'm still just giddy about that. Were it not for having scored the prototype, I'd be using the Richard Kell #1 honing guide (but with the optional large wheels) as my third honing guide. I'd use it only for mortise chisels because it's slightly more work than the LN guide to clean the wheels when moving between stones.

    My second jig is the Veritas Mark 2. I use it solely for skew sharpening. I modified it for 100% angular repeatability. I'll post about it sometime.

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