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    cold press

    I was hoping someone could give me some information on cold presses and how to make a manually operated one for my shop. I am hoping to use the press to laminate two or three, one inch pieces of hardwood(approximately 8 inches wide). Currently I have been using Jergensen bar clamps spaced every 10 to 12 inches but was hoping to find a more uniform and effective method. I have seen some of the hydraulically operated variety that are used in commercial operations but was hoping to find something more suited to a small shop. Any help or info would be very much appreciated.

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    Were you thinking along the lines of something like this?

    There's a few replies of mine on that thread with bits and pieces of info, but I just grabbed the shortcut to the reply with the pics.
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    Thanks for the link Doug. I think I need to explain my situation better as I might not be using the correct terminology in 'cold press'. I am trying to laminate two or three pieces of wood together to make the rails and stiles for a door. I am trying to do this to add some stability to the wood and correct a warping problem associated with the climate. Therefore the 'cold press' needs to be able to accomodate the 80" rails. I am not sure if the design in the picture would work for this or not. Does anyone have any thoughts? -Mark

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    Doug's presses will work for you, but you will need 8 to 10 of them. With the price of the hardware and time to build them you may want to look into vacuum press setups.


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