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Thread: Article: Woodshop for not just woodworking

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    Article: Woodshop for not just woodworking

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    Love to recreate this locally. Do you have a curriculum you can post? Lesson plans, etc. would be nice to see.
    How do you handle liability and if you have any waivers the parents sign, that would be helpful, as well. Maybe I have too many lawyers for friends...but this stuff is getting more important by the day...

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    Jack apparently hasnt logged on in several months Pat. You might have better luck sending an email. Look at his profile and there's a button.

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    Im a mechanical contractor just getting back into estimating the public sector. I have estimated 3 schools in NJ in the last 4 months getting new Woodshops. Makes me very happy, though I didnt get any of them. All seamed to have excellent DC/Filtration/ Makeup air Venting outside after filtration.

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    I started to teach two homeschooled boys (13 & 15) in July for course credit. We meet twice a week for 2 hrs. in my home shop. Went through shop safety, basic tool use, and built bookcases as first project. We are now learning sharpening with an eye toward learning mortise & tenon, dovetails, & box joints. There isn't much in the way of curriculum out there that I could find. I did have parents sign liability waivers.
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