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Thread: Axiom cnc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt Stivison View Post
    I have an Axiom Pro 6 and it is an excellent machine in my opinion. I have only had it about a month but if you have anything I can help you with let know. Their tech person (Chad is very helpful). Don't hesitate to call him.
    I'm seriously considering one. How do you like it now?


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    Quote Originally Posted by John Krumlauf View Post
    Glad to see this thread get revitalized. I just picked up an Axiom Pro 6 this morning from Wood Werks in Columbus. I have a few questions that maybe someone could answer. First, how do you change the units from MM to IN? I browsed through the menu options, but didn't see it. Second, is it possible to reconfigure it to make the gantry the Y axis rather than X? I'm sure I could convert my brain if I have to. I've created a handful of projects in V-Carve Pro 8 in anticipation of the CNC arrival, and generally consider the reverse. Thirdly, can spindle speed be set in the G-code? I'm sure I've seen this asked before, but don't remember seeing an answer.


    I found the answers to speed control and units change. nada on both from what I've read. On the other, I guess if I have to think metric, I can live with the X gantry axis!!
    All my CNC is Metric, get used to it. I even have a Metric tape measure!
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    If Axiom doesn't supply a machine that works with English units, then I will just have to get used to one of the other dozens of CNC router manufacturers that do. Oh wait, I already did.

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    I use the Pro 8 system and it has served me very well. The hand held controller is the same model of the Laguna IQ table model machine. The machine is very reliable and you will be glad to have it. My only complaint after two years is that I need a bigger machine for what my business requires. I build furniture and cabinets and am now looking to buy a 4x8 machine made in the USA by Legacy Woodworking Machinery in Utah. It is a five axis machine that I taught CNC machining as a vocational Instructor. I also taught G-code as well. However, you will enjoy the Pro 6. If you are like me, My wife has to threaten me to come in for a meal as have too much fun with mine.

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