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Thread: Axiom cnc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt Stivison View Post
    I have an Axiom Pro 6 and it is an excellent machine in my opinion. I have only had it about a month but if you have anything I can help you with let know. Their tech person (Chad is very helpful). Don't hesitate to call him.
    I'm seriously considering one. How do you like it now?


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    Quote Originally Posted by John Krumlauf View Post
    Glad to see this thread get revitalized. I just picked up an Axiom Pro 6 this morning from Wood Werks in Columbus. I have a few questions that maybe someone could answer. First, how do you change the units from MM to IN? I browsed through the menu options, but didn't see it. Second, is it possible to reconfigure it to make the gantry the Y axis rather than X? I'm sure I could convert my brain if I have to. I've created a handful of projects in V-Carve Pro 8 in anticipation of the CNC arrival, and generally consider the reverse. Thirdly, can spindle speed be set in the G-code? I'm sure I've seen this asked before, but don't remember seeing an answer.


    I found the answers to speed control and units change. nada on both from what I've read. On the other, I guess if I have to think metric, I can live with the X gantry axis!!
    All my CNC is Metric, get used to it. I even have a Metric tape measure!
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    If Axiom doesn't supply a machine that works with English units, then I will just have to get used to one of the other dozens of CNC router manufacturers that do. Oh wait, I already did.

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