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Thread: Axiom cnc

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    Axiom cnc

    I had enough of going back and forth between different machines with different options, and this morning placed an order for Axiom Autoroute 6 Pro. Somehow, it has everything I was looking for, including a very good price.
    They are new in the market, just started working with Rockler, so I was wandering if there is anyone else owning or operating one?
    I will post some picture as soon as it gets here, 2 weeks they say.

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    I have an Axiom Pro 6 and it is an excellent machine in my opinion. I have only had it about a month but if you have anything I can help you with let know. Their tech person (Chad is very helpful). Don't hesitate to call him.

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    Axiom AutoRoute 6 Pro

    It arrived, in just over a week.
    I've purchased their stand as well, made from welded steel tubes. It comes unassembled, but it is machined so well that I've managed to put it together in less than an hour, without any help.
    It's heavy, ant it took four people to lift it up and set on a stand. Frame is made from welded steel, bed has aluminum t-slots, mdf spoilboard(s), and everything except the Z-axis motor was already assembled. Spindle is water-cooled, but pump and reservoir are integrated in gantry, and both are additionally air-cooled... I like the solution, hate buckets.
    I am still playing with it, but so far so good... I like it.
    Here are few photos I took on day one...More photos to come as I install dust collection and level the spoilboard.






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    Looks nice. What is the X-Y-Z capacity?
    Please help support the Creek.

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    610mm x 910mm x 150mm (24"x36"x6")

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    Very interested to see finished pictures of your new CNC, also a personal review of your experience using it.

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    I'm looking into an Axiom, but the final decision hasn't been made on brand or type or size.

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    Nebojsa, have you been doing any practicing on the new Axiom, what do you think of the machine now that you've owned it for over a month?

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    I also have an Axiom

    Quote Originally Posted by Nebojsa Trbojevic View Post
    610mm x 910mm x 150mm (24"x36"x6")
    Hi Nebojsa,
    I also just purchased an Axiom Basic4.
    I plan on doing more advanced things like mold making, aluminum motorcycle parts, tableware and so forth.
    In looking at their software selection as only being vetric, I was dissapointed.

    I'm looking to purchase MADcam for Rhino5.

    Anyways do you have a post file you can send me that might work with either MADcam or RhinoCam?
    You can email me at
    I would love to hear from you about your experiences with your Axiom, or if you have any questions for me.

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    Curt, which cad/cam package did you use with it? I am looking to use Fusion 360.

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    I use V Carve Pro to do my projects. Just upgraded to V Carve Pro 8.

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    It's almost 2 years now, I'd like to hear if you guys are still happy with your Axiom machines? Does the controller they use work well?

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    That is a very good question!

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    Hi Nebjosa,

    We have an Axiom AR8 Pro and love it. We've had it a couple of months and it has worked flawlessly thus far. One downside I can come up with was getting it into our basement workshop. The AR8 Pro is heavy!! The stairs to the basement make a 90-degree right turn part of the way down. With my bad back and just getting plain old, there was no way me and some friends/family were going to get it into the basement ourselves. I ended up hiring a local piano moving company and it was worth every penny IMHO! For ($400 USD) it was worth it to me. They brought five guys and carried the beast into the basement in about 15-minutes and two of them even stayed to help set it up on the stand for me and bolt it down.

    One other complaint (minor) that I might have is the display of job names on the handheld controller. In this day and age, why they are using what appears to be the old DOS based filename truncation with the tilde (~)? That is definitely one thing I hope will be changing with the 4th axis controller that will be coming out. I've worked around the filename issue by naming my files so that all the important info is in like the first 5-6 characters of the file name.

    Congratulations on the new Axiom purchase! Glad to see more Axiom owners. :-)

    Mike DeRegnaucourt

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    CorelDraw X5, Aspire v9.5, ShaderMap Pro, GIMP, Mesh Mixer, Fusion 360, Sculptris, Google Sketchup, Movavi, etc...


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    Glad to see this thread get revitalized. I just picked up an Axiom Pro 6 this morning from Wood Werks in Columbus. I have a few questions that maybe someone could answer. First, how do you change the units from MM to IN? I browsed through the menu options, but didn't see it. Second, is it possible to reconfigure it to make the gantry the Y axis rather than X? I'm sure I could convert my brain if I have to. I've created a handful of projects in V-Carve Pro 8 in anticipation of the CNC arrival, and generally consider the reverse. Thirdly, can spindle speed be set in the G-code? I'm sure I've seen this asked before, but don't remember seeing an answer.


    I found the answers to speed control and units change. nada on both from what I've read. On the other, I guess if I have to think metric, I can live with the X gantry axis!!
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