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Thread: ringer washing machine

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    Talking ringer washing machine

    Here is a picture of something the old folks will remmber Mike
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    Mike, I remember my grandma using a wringer washer, but it was a "modern" one, with an electric motor turning the agitator, and a hand crank on the wringer. Is the one in your picture newly-made?

    - Vaughn
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    I think almost everyone in my hometown had one of a similar type. Most had electric motors that powered both the Agitator And the wringer, (like ours), but a few were powered with a gasoline motor and a Very Few had a hand powered wringer. For those few without a washing machine, they all had a galvanized or wooden tub and a corrugated metal "Rub Board", but most everyone else had a Rub Board too to work out heavy stains before going into the washing machine, and Some even had a rub board made with corrugated Glass to wash "Delicates.

    There were actually "Two" Buxom Ladies that got caught in the wringers in our little town of 1000, and the Town Gossips sure got a lot of mileage out of those, ESPECIALLY, the one that couldn't get loose by herself, and the Gas Meter reader man had to free her from the mechanical monster that not only had her caught but had left her bare from the waist up and barely able to talk from all the Screaming she did to get someone's attention.

    I sure wish we could still get those Replacement Wringer Rollers as they were fairly cheap, well made, and were great for making large shop built Belt Sanders.
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    My dad who was one of seven talks about grandma's washer that was powered with a gas motor. They ran the exhaust out the side of the house through a hole in the wall. Dad remembers how happy she was with her automatic washing machine.


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    Who you calling old whippersnapper?!?!

    The Amish around her still use the gas powered ones.
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    Talking wringer washing machine

    Anyone rember what the crank looked like? I just made it yesterday. Mike

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