CNC Forum File Attachments

We are changing the way we have been offering DVD's of our file attachments to those of you who are interested in purchasing the discs. In the past we offered DVD sets that included file attachments from every forum, we now offer DVD's from each individual forum. The reason for the change is that I have finally accepted the fact that the majority here are only interested in only one discipline therefore it seems prudent to provide our file attachment archive DVD's that only include the information from individual forums.

It takes me many hours over several evenings just to review all of the pictures and remove those that are copy protected and as many duplicates as I can find. Because of the length of time required to review the files I have decided to make the new DVD's available one forum at a time when my review of each forum is complete.

The DVD contains every file attachment since the CNC Forum was created through and including December 2013. The files are stored in folders identified by the year they were uploaded. Each filename includes the name of the owner, this is to provide you with the necessary means of contacting the owner to acquire permission should you want to use their work for commercial purposes.

To purchase the DVD go to PayPal. Our PayPal address is ( and make sure you enter in the description that you want to purchase the CNC Forum DVD. Please provide your shipping address as well.

The cost is $12.00 which includes free shipping in the continental United States.

If you prefer to order the DVD via personal or company check the address is:

SawMill Creek Woodworkers Forums
8770 Little England Rd.
Hayes, VA 23072
Make checks payable to Northwind Associates Inc.

All funds collected will be used to support our costs associated with running SawMill Creek.