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Thread: Fence for an older 12" Craftsman bandsaw

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    Fence for an older 12" Craftsman bandsaw

    I have a circa mid-'80s Craftsman 12" bandsaw (113.243310) inherited from my dad and would like to install a fence to do some re-sawing. Apparently there was at one time a fence available for this product, but no longer so. I've been looking at the Kreg fence, but have a couple concerns. First, the table on my saw is cast aluminum rather than iron/steel. And secondly the sides are only 1.5" in width with no holes and only 1.25" useable for any drilling.

    If there's anyone out there who does have the Kreg, could you please tell me what the vertical dimension of the Mounting Rail is.

    Assuming it would dimensionally fit, do you thing this would work? And I'm open to any other ideas of how to accomplish my goal.

    Thank you.

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    I don't have a Craftsman, but I use an aluminum clamp on the larger table I put on my Rockwell. One of those flat ones.

    Rick P

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