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    I have been getting into doming and have a Canon PRO-10 ink jet printer. If I print on Canon high gloss paper and dome I have no problem. However I am trying to make stickers and I can't seem to find sticker stock that will work in the ink jet, AND will allow me to dome without causing tons of tiny bubbles (the kind you can't remove with a torch). Any advice is appreciated.

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    Have you tried ink jet labels? How high is the humidity in your area?
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    I believe if you do a search on doming with a inkjet you will find some videos on line. The videos show after printing a clear sheet stock is applied over the inkjet then the dome goes over the clear after cutting. Part of the problem with going direct to the ink jet with the dome either with the UV Cure or the 2 part is the reaction with the ink. The UV cure hates the UV Inhibitors in the ink too. I have seen the dome slide off the sticker...

    I have done Domed Stickers and my base material was reflective white vinyl. I used a clear poly film called "Mates" that I Sublimate to. Sublimation will involve a special printer with Sublimation Ink, then a Heat Press to press the paper transfer to the clear Mates film. I then apply the Mate film to the reflective vinyl and hand cut. I did dome some and it works. The down side is that sublimation will fade in the sun over time. With that being said, I did some domed stickers in 2008 and applied them to the outside of my shop. The full sun stickers are about half faded away but you can still read them. A red sticker I applied 90 degrees to the sun is about 90% GOOD in my opinion.

    This Mates Sublimation over regular white vinyl would work too... Plus Ink Jet White vinyl could be a option too.... And not all vinyl is created equal... some shrinks over time... Get educated on vinyl... I don't know enough to post about it. And research about out gasing after printing too.... A 24 hour wait after printing before over laminate or "Something Like That"... I know enough to be dangerous... The Tiny bubbles could be out gassing...

    I have done doming over reflective stickers in Hitch Covers that is popular...

    Good Luck. A search here on doming will likely bring up more pictures. I have not done stickers in a long time, no money in it for me.

    I use a paint pot to supply the doming material.

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